I am an award-winning character artist with 17 years of experience in the video game industry, and 19 years as a professional artist. I excel at 2D and 3D character design in a variety of styles. I specialize in character concept art, high-poly sculpting, and detailed texturing. I also have experience in retopoing, rigging, animation and UVing.

Work Experience

Silverback Interactive

Lead Character Artist (2013–2020)

  • After years of 2D, transitioned into mostly 3D sculpting and texture work
  • Created true-to-life high-poly models for the characters in Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect
  • Participated in research and development for several projects (released and unreleased)
  • Sculpted, textured, re-topoed and UVed assets for various VR training clients Created sculpts from scratch based on the Dalai Lama and various Deities for the as yet unreleased Virtual Tibet
  • Created a head sculpt and retopo of David Suzuki for The Nature of Things Season 56, Episode 13. I was also featured on the episode.

2D Character Artist (2009–2012)

  • Created character concepts, touched up environments and produced any required 2D art for games including Mr. Jones’s Graveyard Shift, Secret of the Dragon Wheel, Empress of the Deep 1-3, Theatre of the Absurd, and The Beast of Lycan Isle.
  • Became the Art Director for the game Theatre of the Absurd
  • Undertook contract work from the company in 2011-13 to stay at home with young son


Freelance Concept Artist (2005–2009)

  • Created concept art for several small video game studios
  • Produced promotional materials for several companies
  • Sketched hundreds of one-of-a-kind cards for Marvel, DC, Topps, New Line Cinema, and Lucasfilm

Mutable Realms

Lead Concept Artist, Wish (2002–2005)

  • Created detailed concepts for playable races, monsters, armour, weapons, and environments for a groundbreaking, highly anticipated, and (sadly) never released MMO
  • Worked one-on-one with 3D modelers to ensure consistent design quality

Virtual Media Productions

Project Manager, Teletoon’s Evil Schmeevil (2002)

  • Oversaw the team of animators for the show
  • Managed team productivity, addressed staffing issues

Concept and Storyboard Artist, Teletoon’s Evil Schmeevil (2001–2002)

  • Created and oversaw the concept design for all characters
  • Designed storyboard layouts for the entire production


Adobe Photoshop • Substance Painter • ZBrush • Maya • Mudbox • Cinema 4D • Topogun • Sculptris